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Sounds like my dd who is a year older.

In Gr2 Fr Imm they really can't read much (unless she can read in English?). At the beginning of the year the books really only have a very short sentence on them if they are expected to read them themselves. So any 'reading' really has to be a joint activity. If the books she's bringing home are actual story books either you'll have to read them (if you can) or you could sit with her and see what words she can figure out. At the beginning of Gr2 I was just reading to dd but mostly in English because if I read the library books she brought home to her she didn't understand the French in them.

So yes, 'reading' is done in a little every day in our house but it was only after Christmas of gr2 that she could really read anything, in any language, on her own. Somehow this spring she figured out English and reads those horrible fairy books (Megan the Monday Fairy... ) on her own now.
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