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Re: North Dakota Mommas?

I'm on the MT/SD corner of ND, about an hour from D*ckison, 2 hours from Bismarck. I am 9-10wks with #4, and prenatal care isn't what I would call decent. I was just told last week (BIG Dr in Bismarck) I have to go to MN to get a NT Scan done, because NOT a single person in ND does them. Along with all the other tests I inquired about. Oh, and they will not see me until I am at least 10wks, even with 5 losses in the last 16 months. Been here 7 years off and on, and I always go home to CA for prenatal and delivery. And my Insur. is awesome, it covers any and everything. DH and I are selling our farm this spring and leaving, for good. Until then, I have to suck it up, and try to find a half way decent Dr I can stand for this babe. Any suggestions? From what I have read, I would like to deliver at Medcenter One/Sanford. Please, if anyone has a Dr that is at least a little proactive in prenatal care, let me know. I am going to need to set an appt in the next few weeks.
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