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Originally Posted by KCmomma
Thank you for the replies! I went in and told her that I loved her but she had to follow directions and that we really wanted to eat dinner with her, but it was her choice if she wanted to eat dinner with us or not. I also added that I would be needing help making dinner and sure wish she would pick her room up. She did it in record time!
Yay! That always gets my son moving too. Lol. Giving the choice back to them takes the power struggle out of it, and gives them the chance to learn lots of different lessons. Especially when they choose things that have rough consequences. It's always hardest to enforce those rough consequences, so I make a point to ensure that the consequences are age and specific-kid appropriate. If my son really can't handle something I won't humiliate or punish him. But I won't rescue him from his own consequences either.

Preschoolers are fun. :-)
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