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Re: Any Vegan or Non-Dairy people out there? I need advice!

ds had a dairy allergy that we figured out at about 4 months old... he nursed til he was almost 3, with me cutting out all dairy (he reacted to all dairy, whey, casein, everything), and drank pretty much whatever was cheapest/on sale/ i had a coupon, unless he had a special request. he drank soy, rice, almond and coconut milk. hes never been a big milk drinker though, and prefers the heavily flavored ones when he does want something (right now he likes the silk 'berry milk" as he calls it- the juice/soymilk blends). hes almost 5 now, and mostly out grown it. its more of a lactose intollerance now, and he can handle almost everything but straight milk. im thinking about trying him on the lactose free milk here soon, to see how that goes, but i dont really think it matters, because, like i said, hes not a big milk drinker... and i looked at it the other day, and the lactose free stuff is more expensive than soy milk!
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