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Re: Those of you expecting twins...

Originally Posted by quarli
I knew at 6 weeks that I was having twins. There was no denying that there was 2 babies in there at that time. I did have severe nasua, but never once puked. I was extremly tired too. My prengnacy symptoms started even before I tested but I had done Clomid that month so I was feeling funky anyways.

I know alot of moms who have only seen one baby the first ultrasound to later find out there was 2!!

Twins are an awesome blessing. My 4yr old was originally a twin, and I used to think there was no way I couldve handled 2 of him, but now having the boys I see that it really isnt that much harder, just a little more love to go around, and few more extra messes to clean up
Thank you. I wish mine would have showed up! I know eventually I will know.....just want to know soon! Your babies are so sweet! I love that pic!
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