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Farmin/Homesteading weekly chat September 16th-22nd

Hey Mama's!! What are you all up to this week? What do you all have planned?

I personally would like to say:


I feel so free!! I stood up and I walked away. I told her all the nasty things she's ever done to me. I told her I won't take her crap anymore. I told her that when she calls and tries to manipulate, complain, degrade, or anything that I will, simply, hang up. I told her not to expect me to change my plans or life to please her anymore. I told her that I'll talk when she feels like playing nice but I will tell her "how it is" about things and I won't play her games anymore.

This week I am canning lima beans and making more salsa. I also have an appointment with my OB for a pregnancy test...I got two light positives and the rest were negative since....if the one they do is negative they will do a blood test and if that's also negative, we start a round of provera.

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i picked up 60lbs of apples yesterday at the bent & dent store $0.39 a pound. so today i'm making apples!! and hopefully painting the ceiling in my new kitchen!!

oh and my baby wants me to make her a piggy costume for halloween. so i need to start on that. and i have to make a rainbow bright costume for a friend of mine. she brought me all the stuff. now i just need to get it done!! not enough hours in the day!

I have a trip planned there after my appt thursday since I'll be out that way anyway. Dh said I ought to just run out there that's the plan. I found Ds a pumpkin costume at a thrift store this week and it needs mended on one side so that's on the list too for me...but not high priority yet! How's the kitchen coming?
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