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Re: I need help understanding modern schooling

As a parent of a "behavior kid" some of these posts make me really sad. But that's just the reality of the way parents with "average" kids look at kids with behavioral disabilities. It's definitely something we have been experiencing with ds. The other parents treat him, and by extension us, as though we were lepers. He just has neurological disorders. It makes me sad to think that people homeschool their kids in part because they don't want their kids around children with disabilities. At least, that's how the posts read to me.

In my kids' school to qualify for G&T you have to score in the top 3% on standardized tests. It's not that every other kid is such an idiot that they look good. Sorry, that rubbed me the wrong way. I have one kid in G&T and one on an IEP, so I am seeing both sides here. My G&T kid is in an inclusion classroom (as is my IEP kid, obviously) and I have never noticed it affecting her at all. Maybe because she lives with her brother, lol, but dd is very accepting of other children and their difficulties. I really think being exposed to a wide range of children is good for my kids, whether they are IEP kids, ESL kids or whatnot.

For my ds's class, they have 2 teachers, one with a special ed background but who teaches regular classes and one who is a special ed teacher. They also have at least on extra aid in the class. The aid is there mostly for ds, but he helps with just about everything.
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