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Re: I need help understanding modern schooling

I didn't read the other posts, but my husband is a SPED teacher, and I am over halfway through my Masters degree to do the same. We have both also been SPED paraprofessionals, so I feel I can answer your question adequately from the point of the school system (or at least ours).

It is INCREDIBLY sad that there are that many children in the school (the whole district for that matter) who are deemed as nearly unfit for public schooling in KN.

The Parapro's are paid to help the SPED kids so they tend to be priority; however, they are in the room to help with all of the students, so they should be helping with all of the kids when they can. Basically, if no SPED kids need help, that doesn't mean they should be standing around...then they should turn to the rest of the kids in the room.

Kindergarten these days is not as much about play. The standards nationwide have changed and have become more stringent earlier on (and throughout). A lot of what kids were required to know in 1st grade before is now what we are required to teach in KN now. Our KN rooms do not have play stations. This is all done in Preschool now. Because the "common core" standards are nationwide, all public schools will be doing this soon if they are not already.

My two little ones don't leave me much time to type, so I'm rushing. If there is anything else you want to know, I'd be glad to answer as best as I can. Feel free to message me. There are so many good things (and bad things) about our public schools and SPED. I'd love to tell you more if you have other things you are wondering about. Good luck with your schooling adventures!!
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