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Ru and E let me sleep in and I actually managed to sleep this morning! Woot! That was exciting!!

Ru and I have now made the meal plan and her and E will be leaving soon to get groceries. While they are gone I am going to work on school stuff. Need to get lessons planned for the week, get some items ready for my reading groups, and perhaps also request a few books from the library. Later I need to hit up the dollar store to pick up a few more baskets for various things in my classroom, and to hold the folders for the reading buddies program we are doing with the Grade 4s.

Sounds like a lovely time, Jess.

I know what you mean about too much stuff for the kid, Jen. I think E has about 10 pairs of pants for the fall. But, with school and work and my general practice of not doing laundry until the weekends, I would rather have too many than to little. I like the variety. And last year we had one week where he put hills in three pairs of pants.
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