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Re: Dr. Bronners-please help my ignorance

I use it to clean my bathroom. It's been my go-to for over 10 years now. I rinse after (the diaper sprayer is perfect to rinse the tub so I don't have bend with my bad back) but I like that I'm not worrying about if I left any behind when ds is in the tub.

I prefer the peppermint since my youngest dd is allergic to lavender but I squirt it on a scrubby sponge & go to work in the tub & sink. I squirt some in the toilet & use a toilet brush. I used to keep a wet pail for diapers when I washed at the laundrymat & couldn't wash as often & I'd squirt a little in the diaper pail. I'd tried it on myself but I have eczema & allergies so it didn't work out.

The other day dh got poop from ds on the rug & I realized I was out of all our other cleaners. I mixed some of the peppermint Dr Bronners in a squirt bottle with water to spray on the rug & it cleaned it up really well.

I've found good prices at Trader Joes (TJ's has the 32 oz size for $9.99, that's the best I've seen) and Vitacost. I often just buy a half gallon or gallon & use that to refill a smaller bottle. The half gallon will last about a year.
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