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Found heartbeat(s) MoM please weigh in (loss mentioned)

I will be 19 weeks on Tuesday. I haven't been to see anyone about the pregnancy because I kept losing babies around 15 weeks so I wanted to wait it out (doctor fear-hater here). I was supposed to be seen last week, but they canceled and I am getting seen now at 20 weeks.

I wasn't feeling movement this morning so I checked for a heartbeat and instantly the doppler got smacked, so okay relief, but still wanted to check the heart (my doppler doesn't have a BPM counter), I go hunting and find one heartbeat nice and strong near my pelvic bone on the right, then I did a quick scan around to see where the placenta is now (it's on the move constantly) and found another heartbeat, nice and strong in the upper left area. So I went back down to see if it's still down near my pelvic bone, and yes, still there too. They were found about 6" apart (baby is about 5-6" long right now I think). The heartbeat(s) sounded similar enough that I couldn't tell if they were a different rate.

Maybe I'm getting both front and back of the baby?

Twins are great and all, but I have had a heck of a time keeping 1 baby alive. I don't want to walk in to my appointment in a week and get totally blind-sided with "hey you're having twins" but at the same time, I don't want to be worried unnecessarily about twins if this is normal for singletons and I'm just not remembering since it has been 5 years since I've been this far along.

Any thoughts would be great.
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