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Originally Posted by Bella Catalina
I've had AF return at 6m PP both times, and the first cycle has been 6-7 weeks, the second 5-6weeks, and both anovulatory. I start ovulating on the 3rd cycle, but very late and with a 3-4 day LP. You definitely cannot and should not rely on CM while nursing, at least not until you've had a good few months of regular cycles. Your body will produce EWCM while trying to release an egg, but it can take a few attempts until the hormones reach the threshold, hence you seeing fertile CM twice.
That's good to know about the cm. I'm not used to not knowing all these things ahead of time. I'm one of those people who research everything ahead of time and like to feel prepared. But life has been crazy and I wasn't really anticipating any possibility of pregnancy. I guess once I figure out what is up this cycle I need to have a sit down and have a talk with DH and make a plan. I'm ok with whatever he wants, I just like to know what we're doing, if you know what I mean.

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