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Originally Posted by Xythnia
So the c-section is scheduled for Monday at 8am. I am having to make myself understand that she knows something that I do not and she will not flip for a reason. Stubborn in the WOMB...better be a calm, lovely little thing when she's out!

Still mourning things like being able to hold my child immediately after birth (I am still going to try hard to see if they will 'let' me...). Trying not to panic about her being whisked away to the nursery for 2+hours before I can see her. Makes me tear up if I think about it but at least the doctor is very confidence in his double suture technique for VBAC after this.

ALL 3 of my sisters will be leaving that same day to go to Vegas with my mom for her birthday. Which is good as I don't think I could deal with people around except DH. It will make things hard on my DS (he will need to miss his college classes Monday) and DD1 as we need him to watch her. My niece is going to help when she get out of her classes as well. We will make the best of it regardless.

I think she still picked her own birthday...after all this waiting and being 'officallly' 42 weeks, I gave in Friday and called the center. They scheduled it for that same day with the hospital and doctor. Then they had to call back and say that things were not working out for that day and it had to be Monday. That means, SOMEHOW, she will arrive my MOMs 72nd birthday! My husband and I share our birthday and now DD2 and Grandma will share a birthday. And we thought she might appear on my DS's birthday, Aug 31st! What the heck!

My mom has DD1 so DH and I have TOTALLY cleaned the house, got the carpets cleaned (gift from mom), rearranged and put as much in order as possible. Place looks great. We are still a little stressed/wobbly from all this...but ready...

Here's to my next post being in the Birth Stories & Announcements section!
Why do they take them to the nursery? I would ask that she not leave the or. There is no reason for her to. With my first they took her and my mom went with her. I was left alone being sewn up. It seemed like forever. With my 2nd they kept him in the or. Mom and DH stayed. We all went to recovery together. Then he was breathing too fast and they wouldn't let me hold him for almost an hour. But at least I got to see him during that time.

I hope everything goes smoothly for you mama! Are you going to have them do a quick US before they start?
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