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Re: Basic Weekend

Hola mamacitas. Back from church/sunday school. We have signed up for a program called Dinner for Eight, where they pair up four couples who take turns having dinner parties at their houses. Sounded like a great way to meet people, then I realized I don't know that I have eight of anything for a dinner party (placemats, wineglasses, etc.). I mean I can do Corelle plates and canning jar glasses, Bekah LWI-dyed napkins, mismatched crocheted placemats (we color code where the kids sit so the don't fight over the favorite chair each meal, LOL), and leave Bo the Betta Fish as a centerpiece I suppose. But bonus, I finally will get to use the serving pieces that sit in a box except for Xmas and Thanksgiving.

I totally hear ya on too much clothes for the kiddos, but I have also found if I don't keep extra, they stain and rip things too fast. I also aim to wash each kids' clothes once a week, but usually a different kid gets skipped each week so they need 2 weeks worth in season available all the time. I just realized this week although Ian has quite a few dress pants and cords, they are all faded at the knee since they are handmedowns. And he has no sweatpants/casual pants that aren't too short. He's really a 5t for height and a 3T for width, so anything off the rack is either too short or looks like a drawstring potato sack. I'm seriously at a loss at what to do. You can't take in pants that much without it looking ridiculous. I already did it with his PJs.

Off to the grocery store. I am trying to get back into electronic couponing, and it messes me up when the kids or DH go with.
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