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Re: Round Ligament Pains, SPD, or Just Normal Stretching?

Okay so had my appointment with our midwife this morning and she does not think it's SPD, yay She thinks it's just muscular and gave me ideas of how to lessen it. She's recommending I take one full day of rest to recoup and relax the muscles. Also a bath a day and soaks in the hot tub when possible at a safe temperature. She's going to be bringing me a book at our visit next week with exercises to strengthen the muscles. She thinks going for pregnancy massages may be helpful as well. And to try taking arnica for the discomfort. She wants me to limit activity when possible especially when I start to feel I'm overdoing it. She said if possible try to take at least an afternoon a week for myself to relax and focus on myself and on the pregnancy and this new baby. All very good ideas I think. She's thinking it may be influenced by it being my third in a shortish amount of time (although not that short compared to other mama's on here) and possibly just having 2 LOs to chase after this time around. She thinks it's also possible I strained some muscles in that area and just didn't realize it at the time. Just glad it seems to be muscular and not structural.

On a side note she said that my pulse is consistant with a girl, ha ha. She said she has seen a coralation between gender and pulse rate. Anyone else had experience with this?
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