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Re: Round Ligament Pains, SPD, or Just Normal Stretching?

Originally Posted by Mumaluvnz View Post
What you said in your first post is what i get/how i feel in my pregnancies and i have been told its SPD. I have just been referred for physio again which help's me. It was far worse with my number 3. Not to bad yet this time but if i dont get onto of it right away then it get's ontop of me. I could'nt get out of bed alot with number 3 as i could'nt walk.
After everything I've read and heard so far about SPD I'm really thinking my midwife is spot on with it being muscular as I haven't fit most things with SPD. It actually feels better stretching my legs apart and I don't have trouble walking just get sore. Plus she said the areas I pointed out to her are not really where you get SPD Just hoping that the combination of everything she told me to try helps and I indeed don't end up with SPD.

ETA: I really hope yours stays under control and doesn't get bad this time. After reading up on this I truly feel for all the mama's that have to deal with it
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