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I didn't want prenatal care either!! For two of my pregnancies, I had my first appt at 20 weeks and they freaked out about that making me regret ever going in at all. I only went in to get my insurance in order and paperwork for the birth going. I was worried they wouldn't cover us if we didn't get prenatal care. For my last pregnancy, they told me at EVERY appt I should have my tubes tied and that I was nuts for having a baby at 37. Yeah, they stunk . My baby boy came out perfectly healthy at 11 pounds 1 ounce and the doctor was amazed at how healthy I was too. I got the baby checked out postpartum but I never returned. All is well here. Read Ina May books and know all your warning signs like bleeding, etc. an ultrasound may be good just to rule out placenta previa or to check placenta attachment/placement since that is life threatening. Good luck!
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