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The hospital called today, and I can't have my baby there *UPDATE ON PAGE 2*

Yes, that's correct. I got a phone call saying that after reviewing my birth plan (that I went over with them almost a month ago, and it has my OB's signature on it) that I will not be allowed to have my baby there. That is, unless I throw my birth plan out the window, which is not an option. Apparently, I would be a huge liability and no nurse they have employed there would take me on as a patient.

I mentioned coming in a month earlier and had a meeting with the head of the L&D dept, just so we could go over all of this, and she was OK with it all. Apparently, said woman has now resigned and this woman is now in charge. She was very nice, but said I would be better off at a birth center. I told her that there were no birth centers in Arkansas. She suggested a homebirth, and I told her it would be $2000 out of pocket for the midwife (after insurance). I asked what would happen if I came in to their hospital and refused everything, and she said they would "treat me" and my baby according to hospital policy, and that I had absolutely no say. I know this is not correct, so I said my OB was on board with me and she didn't see any of this as a problem. The L&D lady said they had contacted my OB (yesterday), and that she was aware that these policies had to be followed.

At almost 37 weeks, they should have contacted me MUCH earlier than this, as she said they've been looking over my birth plan for a week or two now. Apparently, it's "not an option" to not have continuous fetal monitoring, an IV, hourly vaginal exams, and the baby toted off to the nursery and given Vit K, eye goop, and the Hep B vax. I told her it WAS an option, and my choice, and those are issues I will not back down on.

She went on to say the room they had showed me during the tour (for non-medicated births...has a whirlpool) would be under construction, and I couldn't use it. They're ripping it out, and transforming the room into something else, because the room has been used once in the 5 years it's been there. I told her I specifically asked if this would be taking place before mid-september, and was told no. She said "that might be the case, but we're not letting anyone use it."

I told her I wanted to speak with my husband, OB, and my doula before continuing the conversation (as I was now in tears), and that more than likely, we would be going to a different hospital.

My doula has been making phone calls all day (as have I)...trying to find a midwife who will work for less than $2K since I'm already so far along, or an OB at a known natural friendly hospital in Little Rock.


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