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Re: No prenatal care

No one can "order" you to do anything - I'm sure they were just being cautious with your baby, most women would rather be safe than sorry and I personally would LOVE if I could go to my OB every week and listen to the baby's heartbeat to reassure me that everything is going great!

I am sure this was just their recommendation, and they probably had no idea that you had objections about going in once a week. You can certainly decline such things in the future, but they will likely have to ensure that you understand the complications/risks that could arise from such a thing. Most of the time, they can only give you odds and statistics of what could be going on, so it's not abnormal for a baby to be born healthy even though there were possible complications. For every one that is born healthy and beats the odds, there is a boatload that is born with the problems they warned about, so they have to treat each one as a possible complication.
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