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Originally Posted by Michelle_M

Yes!! Short version:

She was born Friday morning at 3:31am. She weighed 6lbs 14oz and is 19" long, with a full head of dark hair. Totally perfect.

The delivery was actually really easy. No tears, no cuts, no stitches. Which is amazing considering she came out "sunny side up." Even the doctor was surprised and impressed at how quick delivery went considering her position.

I was allowed to leave yesterday (Saturday afternoon). I just told my doc that I wanted to go home as soon as possible, and he informed the pediatrician on call. Hospital policy is for baby to stay a minimum of 24 hours (which was 3:31am Saturday morning). The doc on call Saturday said that he wanted to keep her at least until Noon, and if everything still looked great he'd release her. By 1pm we were waiting for daddy and brothers to come get us.

Oh, and it seems that I am one of the lucky moms, who's baby is a natural at nursing with a seemingly perfect latch! She is really gassy and has some reflux, so she has an appointment with the chiropractor on Tuesday afternoon.

The full birth story is posted over in the Birth Announcements section, with pictures included.

God bless!
Congrats! Headed over to the announcements now!
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