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Re: What comprises "unnecessary" prenatal care?


Im on medicaid. I was offered all of the testing, but only did the basic blood test for HIV/blood typing/rubella immunity and a vaginal culture (I knew I had bv and an std test isnt harmful imo.) I turned down the genetic/"screening" testing and there was nothing else said about it.

The only other "testing" done is the urine dip each time I go in. I accepted a level 2 ultrasound to look for a specific birth defect that my son was born with, but that was offered for my personal comfort anyway.

A 20 week ultrasound isnt really about finding out gender. Its to check for proper formation and growth. The gender is the "unnecessary" part of it

Just know that YOU are in charge. If it doesnt feel right, or if you dont see it as beneficial, dont do it. Dont be afraid to question the reason for things your doctor may find "necessary."
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