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Re: What comprises "unnecessary" prenatal care?

I definitely think *necessary* prenatal testing/care is very subjective. I always opt out of the early screens, but I do get an early u/s and another one at 20 weeks. I also choose to do the GD testing because that is about my health and my babies health. I was told by a previous care giver that even though I was having a c/s I still had to do the GBS test which was very puzzling since the baby wouldn't come into contact with that area at all. The provider I have this time is so laid back and hands off. She didn't do any blood work or an internal at my 1st visit since I had just had all of that done last year with the pregnancy that I lost. She will do the blood work when I have my GD testing done later in the pregnancy.

I think you need to find out what is the *standard* testing/care and then decide what you feel comfortable omitting. Know why you don't feel it is necessary for those tests and be able to articulate that to your DR. And be prepared to find a provider that is willing to listen to you and not pressure you into things that really are unnecessary.
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