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Re: What comprises "unnecessary" prenatal care?

I would ask what testing they want to do and then discuss the reason behind it. I do a 20 wk us because it gives me peace of mind for having a home birth. This is the only US I do. Blood work is helpful depending on what they are testing. So ask. Are they checking for a disease or are they checking how your body is working. I never had an internal untill I was in active labor. And then I only had two. One when my midwife showed up at my house and wanted to gauge where I was at to see if she should stay. I was 5 cm she stayed and the next hours later and I was a ten. Of course this all depends on the course of your pregnancy.

The best advise I can give you is to ask questions. Ask why do you want to do xyz. Keep in the back of your head that a LOT of medicine is CYA for the doctors. It's the way the system is set up. Do they want to do x for your sake or to cover themselves if something goes wrong in the future. You know that you don't care if your baby say has down syndrome so you won't get mad at the doctor if you have a downs baby and they didn't test for it so you can say no to routein testing for that.
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