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Originally Posted by L&A'smommy
You might sit down and talk with your OB. There were certain tests that my last two OB's required or they would drop me as a patient. If it will be several thousand $$$ have you thought about a midwife HB or birthing center ?
I don't know *exactly* how much care will cost us, but our deductible is at least that much. There are no birthing centers in our rural area - I actually researched it, and we'd have to travel 1.5-2 hours away and I'm not even sure if they are considered "in-network". Out of network medical raises our deductible by two thousand more. Coupled with the fact that my husband works 90 miles away and I wouldn't have anyone else available to drive me to the hospital if I was in labor, that makes for a dangerous situation (IMO) if I am minimum 3 hours away from a birthing center.

And I'm absolutely not comfortable with a home birth. I had my epidural and liked it, and haven't decided yet if I want to go med-free with this birth or not, and home birth is a HUGE leap beyond that for me. Plus my husband is an EMT and is fairly/very uncomfortable with the idea. I think it would take a lot to sway him, if I could even be convinced to begin with.

Originally Posted by mommyinthesun
A 20 week ultrasound isnt really about finding out gender. Its to check for proper formation and growth. The gender is the "unnecessary" part of it
I get that... But that's the only part I'm really concerned with! Haha

Originally Posted by pester
The best advise I can give you is to ask questions. Ask why do you want to do xyz. Keep in the back of your head that a LOT of medicine is CYA for the doctors. It's the way the system is set up. Do they want to do x for your sake or to cover themselves if something goes wrong in the future. You know that you don't care if your baby say has down syndrome so you won't get mad at the doctor if you have a downs baby and they didn't test for it so you can say no to routein testing for that.
This was worded in a way that made a ton of sense to me! Thanks so much! I will definitely sit down with my doctor when I go back in a couple weeks and have a more in-depth discussion about what he thinks needs to be done & why.
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