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Re: Hallelujah!!!

Originally Posted by marebear08 View Post
After four weeks of fighting with my newborn son, trying to get him to latch to me, not a nipple shield, without killing my nipples---It was getting so frustrating and I was in tears every day and really so close to giving up and switching to exclusively pumping...

I saw a lactation consultant Tuesday and her first words after inspecting his mouth were "you know he's tounge tied, right?" I had figured as much, but two weeks ago when I asked his pediatrician to check-he hadn't seemed concerned... the LC was adamit he get it snipped.

On Wednesday, we had his tounge tie snipped and when he went to the breast directly after, it was as if the Heavens opened up above us!! We no longer fight at the breast, and his latch is only semi-uncomfortable (because we have thrush).

Hopefully, no more bloody nipples, no more screaming baby, no more crying because I am a failure that can't nurse my baby (I know, I know, I shouldn't have felt that way but I did...).
This sounds EXACTLY what I did with DD. And yes, I would cry because I felt like I was failing her by not being able to nurse. She was supplemented because of the way she "nursed" and eventually was formula fed. My supply was dried up because of the whole situation. Great to hear you have overcame it!
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