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You should absolutely be straight with the doctor as far as cost being a concern. Put it in terms he can accept, and don't give the impression of being a hippie natural birth movement advocate and wanting to refuse stuff just for the heck of it. (I am one of those, at heart, but it's not in your best interest for a doctor to think that.)

That said, I told my doc that I wanted as little done as possible, while still making sure the baby was growing properly. I was high risk, seeing a high risk OB, because of previous full term stillbirth.

We skipped all of the genetic testing/screening.

He was required by law (?) to test for HIV. He insisted on the GBS and the Glucose tests, even though he agreed up front to no antibiotics if I was GBS+.

And, other than the biweekly BPPs, that was it. No pap, screenings for anomalies.
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