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What is BPP?

Cost is just one element of my concern. I just don't understand the "why" behind some things. When I was pregnant with DS, and he mentioned testing/screening for Down's (among other things) and said it was good to know so it "can be taken care of". He has probably never had a patient ream him out so thoroughly after such a statement. I was absolutely horrified, especially because he calls himself a Christian!
The more I read and learn about the "crunchy" side of things, the more I am perplexed by the over medicalization (I know that's not a word... Hopefully you know what I mean) and high incidence of unnecessary intervention with what should be normal, healthy births.
My son was severely jaundiced after birth and it took a loooong time for my milk to come in - and I seriously regret being induced, because I think that was part/most of the reason behind that. But that's "normal" if you're 39 weeks and tired of being pregnant. Ugh. I'm still having a hard time letting go of not wanting an epidural this time, though.
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