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Originally Posted by achickadeeandme
Thanks for all the replies . We do plan on using a midwife, no UA birth for me. I just plan on forgoing most if not all testing, even things offered through the MW unless there seems to be a need. I read in a book recently that modern day medicine treats pregnancy as an "Illness/condition" that needs to be treated. It's a natural thing that our bodies are already programmed to do...
Mamas just need to be left alone without so many intetventions( I didn't say ALL interventions, just most of them :0) )
I agree and I don't agree that our bodies are designed for childbirth.

Yes, of course they are. But also, women and babies used to die in childbirth quite commonly. Midwives have been around for so long to reduce these things because women have always known childbirth is inherently dangerous.

We are born to do this, but natural selection doesn't choose all women to have uncomplicated childbirths.

I was in labor for 23 hours before they decided that the fetal distress was getting too distressing and I had an emergency csection for my cord wrapped baby. There was no way to anticipate that.
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