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We just bought six acres on south hill, so even on the hill you can still get land! We're only a few blocks from meridian (but I avoid it with all my might!)
The house isn't ready to move into yet (its still studs) so we're still in Tacoma, but I put my boys in school out there so they wouldn't have to switch mid-year and I love the school he's at! I'm a city girl, dh is NOT a city boy, so its a good compromise for us! We even have two steer out in the property now...and believe me, I never pictured me owning cows!

sorry, i'm really bad at autocorrect and I don't like proof reading!
i my boys! Accimus 08.05, Judah Bear 01.08 and Titus Hawk 11.09 And expecting our first PINK baby March '13
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