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Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange
Hard to list what is unnecessary. A little easier to say what's necessary.

The initial blood tests don't bother me as they check out thyroid, etc. I don't get more blood tests or urine tests, although it sounds like some women pee in a cup at every appt.

The confirmation ultrasound we're getting this week is unnecessary. The 20 week one is also unnecessary (we don't find out the gender).

For me, I refused all of the extra testing (down syndrome, etc).

Glucose is fine and the juice didn't bother me. You can ask your doctor if they allow substitutes. For instance, like 25 jellybeans in 2 minutes or something (I can't remember) is sometimes allowed.

GBS testing is an absolute must because your baby can end up in the NICU if you aren't treated for it. It changes with every pregnancy, so you can't go by the past. You don't particularly need the 4hrs of antibiotics; there are natural type things you can take that my friend used for her homebirth. But it's wise to be prepared.

That's all I can think of right now.
Thanks! We did have a "confirmation" ultrasound, but it was mostly for dating purposes since I had stopped tracking my temps and never had a period after DS, so we had no idea when I actually got pregnant.

I don't feel like I really need to do the glucose test. I am at a very healthy weight (5'2" 115#), have 12% body fat, and work out regularly (well, before morning sickness) and eat a low GI diet. So many healthy women I know have failed the 1-hr and had to take the 3-hr, only to pass with flying colors.

I'll definitely be putting together a list of things I want to discuss and taking it to my doctor at my next appointment! You ladies have been very helpful.
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