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Re: What comprises "unnecessary" prenatal care?

Don't assume that a home birth would include less testing. I'm having a home birth this time around and there are certain tests ( like glucose test and bstrep test) that you HAVE to have in order to have a midwife attend your home birth in my state. These are state laws and I have tried to get around them but there is no way to get around them. That said, interventions during your home birth ( fetal monitoring, heplock, nurses wanting to keep you in bed, pitocin, epidural, not being able to eat,and then circumcision, heel stick,vit k and the erythromycin eyedrops) do not have to happen. We never did any of those things though even when we were in the hospital so we aren't planning on doing them at home either.

Sometimes it is easier to refuse tests during pregnancy when you are seeing an OB- at least it was for me.
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