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Re: What comprises "unnecessary"

I posted my response in your other thread I'll c&p it here, too...

It's ultimately what you feel comfortable with and want done. It's not (or shouldn't be!) up to your care provider what tests you do.
I would likely want to do a urine dip (and depending on that I would decide on the GD test, ie. if I was spilling protein, I'd want the GD test done, kwim?), check blood pressure and baby's heartrate, and do the 20wk u/s (not for gender, but for checking baby and placenta). I have done the GBS swab, as their "policy" is to treat with antibiotics if there's a positive result or if there's no testing done.

I am uncomfortable doing paps during pregnancy, so I decline that whole thing - which would mean I'm also declining the STD screening. No HIV testing done either.
I decline any vaginal exams until very late in the pregnancy, or during labor - with Levi I had one done at 41wks, IIRC, and then not until laboring.

For me, it is important that I do bloodwork at each appt - I get that "big draw" done at the beginning of pregnancy, for an idea of where my levels are starting, and I get my platelets and iron levels checked at each appt thereafter.
This is because I tend to have low iron during pregnancy, and because of my ITP we need to keep an eye on my platelets. Oh, and because of the platelet issues, I did have transfusions during labor/delivery with DS2 and DS3, and have had pitocin shots after each vaginal birth.

Originally Posted by chillimom View Post
I'm not doing the quad screen. I did with DD, just because it was standard, but after chatting with my midwife, I'm passing on it this time. It's got such a high rate of false positives and we wouldn't be doing anything differently if this baby winds up with DS anyway.

We have to do the STD bloodwork here, it's law.
Yes, we have never done the extra screening bloodwork (here done at 15wks) and have never been offered that 12/13wk u/s to check for nuchal fold and whatnot. I wouldn't do it anyways, but just saying it seems to be different protocol here than in the US. (Maybe it depends on the results of that bloodwork?)
Sidenote - Again, we don't do that test anyways, and even after losing Elli we wouldn't do it this time. A friend of mine did do it, and it came back a high probability of their baby having DS. She was upset and worried, and went to the city for further u/s. Everything ended up fine, baby is "normal", but that extra worry was just pointless, kwim?

I've never heard of the STD stuff being law? I've refused it with every pregnancy except my first.

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
I've never heard of them doing the GBS test before 36 weeks. Do some people get several throughout their pregnancy?
It's routinely done here at 35 weeks - which is silly and useless, IMO, because of how quickly the results can actually change (at least week to week!). You could test negative at 35wks and actually be positive come birth at 37 (or whatever) weeks, and they would treat you as negative and never know. Or vice versa, obviously.
I've had it done every time because not getting tested means they automatically treat you as positive. I'd been negative with each pregnancy except unfortunately with Levi I was positive. I would need IV for transfusions anyways, so it wasn't really a big deal to need it for the antibiotics, but I had hoped to just test negative!

Originally Posted by KelseyH View Post
I don't feel like I really need to do the glucose test. I am at a very healthy weight (5'2" 115#), have 12% body fat, and work out regularly (well, before morning sickness) and eat a low GI diet. So many healthy women I know have failed the 1-hr and had to take the 3-hr, only to pass with flying colors.
I would definitely run this stuff all by him and, if nothing else, leave it as "we'll decide for sure when we're closer to then", and base your decision on how things look/go between now and then, kwim?
If things are continuing normally, I wouldn't do it. But if risk factors are coming up, I would.
If nothing else, going in with a "we'd like this but are open to change depending on the situation", rather than a "THIS is how it WILL be", attitude will get him on your side easier
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