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For clarification, BW stresses you need to be mindful of your BF supply. They encourage dreamfeeds (waking your child to eat in the night even though the child hasn't awakened or asked for food). They encourage pumping in lieu of a dreamfeed if that is your route. They mention ways to increase your supply should you notice a dip. They in no way encourage a strict pumping schedule or advocate you deprive your child of nutrients. I choose to pump because I donate milk, I feel more comfortable with a freezer stash and it seems a small sacrifice TO ME to ensure my milk supply. My bestie H has 10 children, never pumps after the first 4 weeks, and nurses until a year with all hers. Her youngest was only nursing 4 times a day between 6 and 12 months and he was the chubbiest, cutest thing ever. Again, we end up happy, healthy babies too. We just take a different route to get there.

i received a PM asking for what a day in the life of our 6 month olds looks like... I should mention different families start their day at different times, and different babies tolerate different awake time lengths sooner/later than others, so this is just a generalization that we tweak for each baby because we tailor to each baby as most moms do. We also have other committments like carpool pickups, etc... that mean we have to bend times.

7am- Awaken the baby and nurse, dress, etc...
9am - Nap
11am - Awake, nurse and play, errands, etc...
1pm - Nap
3pm - Awake and nurse, play, cook dinner, whatever
5pm - flex nap, I usually shorten this or BW(from here through 9pm is sort of what works for each family) or we're out and about
7pm - Awaken and nurse, etc...
8pm?? - bedtime depends on the sleep between 5 and 7, may be earlier or later.
10/11pm - Dreamfeed

To me and mine, we bend things as necessary. The evening nap is very flexible, and I frequently made afternoon nap at 130 to allow more time for errands and outings. This schedule above isn't rigid. Its a tool, a framework. If we have a growth spurt, we shrink feeding intervals and add an extra feeding. If we're traveling, have a sick child, etc... that requires it, we shrink feeding intervals and add an extra feeding. Our schedule is what we're characterized by, not what we are limited to or bound to if that makes sense. We meet our children's needs just like you do. We just help them settle into a routine earlier and they become creatures of habit.
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