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Originally Posted by dancermommy1
Terra, I wasn't trying to snark at you or anything with my posts. I wasn't going to comment on my feelings about BW other than just my first post about not liking it, until people started with the whole "I read about all these moms with kids that don't sleep and I'm so glad I didn't make those mistakes" blah blah blah...

It irked me, because I tried scheduling, I tried all sorts of things, I read a thousand books, and in the end none of it mattered because it's just my child and I have to accept his personality and sleep style and work within that. I also have to accept my abilities, needs, and instincts and work within those as well. But, my child isn't a poor sleeper because I'm a poor mother, or because I didn't follow some program. He's a poor sleeper because he is a poor sleeper. That's all.

I realize the link posted by pp represents the extremes. That shows the danger that relying on books without using some sort of common sense can cause. I think MOST families use more common sense than that, but certainly not all, or there wouldn't be so many warnings about Ezzo out there. Not only that, but I fundamentally disagree with his program because I think he misrepresents scripture in his "ministry" and that goes against my religious beliefs in general. So, I have problems with him, not just the BW program.

Anyway, to the OP, I hope you find a solution that works for your family. Good luck!
I do have a lot more problems with the stuff he teaches in churches than with Babywise, definitely. I don't think my babies are born sinning. With Original Sin until they're baptized as newborns, absolutely, but not sinning. I do not need to "train" the "rebellion" out of them.

"Behavior modification parenting" in general kind of freaks me out, but I did get some great stuff from the Love & Logic series (not Ezzo), so I'm able to take the good and leave the rest--and I can see how that can apply to Babywise, but I do find the "eat, play, sleep" routine contrary nature, which means contrary to a normally established, perfectly tailored to the baby milk supply and milk composition.
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