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But if we KNOW that the biological imperative is to nurse well past a year--for example, knowing what we know about first-century Jews, we can surmise that Jesus was probably nursed to age 3 or 4--what is the developmental, scientific, anthropological basis for parenting in a way that would sabotage that? If the child's body and brain are wired to do it, what's with the argument that Christian parents ought to be "training"-minded from birth, when that training involves a routine that runs contrary to his physiology? Just because his metabolism CAN adapt doesn't mean it should, I guess I'm saying. I'm wary of the long-term effects, although, in perspective, there are worse things that people do to babies than feed them breastmilk only four times a day.

Haha! It sounds so strange to me! I think my six-month olds probably nursed four times an hour.
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