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Re: babywise

Pumping is not as effective at building your milk supply as the babies jaw. PERIOD. EZZO is WRONG... That is poor advice and im a lactation counselor. Babies cry for the breast and cluster feed to build your supply, to tailor that supply to THEIR needs. Nature gave us that awesome feature and Ezzo suggests pumping to ensure your supply? Waking a sleeping baby to nurse? That is kind of counterproductive.

People who use BW and love it are not going to change their minds about it and it makes me sad but that is just BAD breastfeeding advise. Why would you use a mechanical pump instead of your beautiful baby who is way more effective and certainly more appreciative.

Also, my 3 year old still sucks her thumb for comfort, so why is her need to suck not gone? She is over 3 months afterall????? WOW. JUST WOW.

Babies are not something you can schedule, we need to get over the fact that creating and raising humans might be, at times, a little inconvenient for us.
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