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Re: Out there question about dogs...

Originally Posted by Dani_Phen View Post
Yes! I read somewhere that we give off a scent that animals can detect that we are "in heat" so to speak. I've heard of bulls going after women on farms around here when they are in the field at about that time and I've heard that if you are hunting deer right before you get your period you have a better chance of seeing a buck! As far as I know, it's the same with pregnancy...we leave off a scent they can pick up.

I worked in a home that owned a 80ish lbs boxer and he def knew when my period was and thought of it as "in heat". We would always rough-house and wrasle around with his toys and one day he was so wired and I finally made the conection. I was only there one day every two weeks, so thankfully we didn't met up on my period often.
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