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Originally Posted by blackbirdmama*3

For us dh's mom doesn't ever ask to see the kids. She probably asks her brother how they are because he visits to see them occasionally. She did text my dh telling him her brother has recently started "getting on to her" for not seeing her grandkids. She told them it is just hard for her to make time. She sells weed, meth and ecstasy last I heard. She kept dh supplied in pot beginning when he was 13 and had him selling it at school. He was eventually was on meth, cocaine and drank everyday. He's been clean for 10 years this November . If I felt they were safe around her I wouldn't have a problem with them seeing what drugs etc. do to a person but she is not a safe one for them to be around. She told me I needed to smoke when I was pregnant with ds1 so that he would have a lower birth weight....
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