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Originally Posted by happysmileylady
I haven't experienced stitches with my own kids. However, 30 years ago, when my sister was 2, she and I were running around the sidewalk in front of our house. Actually we were going from our house to a neighbor's like 3 houses over and as we were passing in front of our next door neighbor's, she tripped. Our next door neighbor didn't have a yard, they had a rock garden, then entire yard was rocks. She fell and went down face first on a sharp rock, caught her right smack in the middle of her forehead. It bled A LOT. like down her face and arms and so on.

And of course she ended up with stitches right in the middle of her forehead. Only about 5. Huge bandage over the front of them, really pretty funny looking to my 4 yr old mind.

You can't even see it now. It's just a part of her forehead, but not a noticible part at all. She has chicken pox scars that are worse looking.
That does make me feel better, thanks!
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