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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (Sept 1st - 15th)

Gah, sometimes I wonder how "with it" my "boss" is. So, I had quite a difficult transcription file to do last week (an interview with a lady who not only was native to Africa (Nigeria I think), but the call was an international call and super fuzzy), and I submitted it. Whenever there is a section that I can't hear (which was quite frequent), I was to put [inaudible 00:00] in italics. For certain "types" of inaudibles, a timestamp range is appropriate instead of just a single second, and I had several 2- and 3-second ranges throughout the document.

Anyway, they sent it back and said that I don't need the ranges on the document. There were no further instructions, so I sent an email asking if they wanted me to go through it and take out the ranges, and they said yes, and sent me the
first six minutes' worth that had already been proofed, to "show me what they meant." So last night, I went through the entire document, and I also added in the edits that had already been done over the first six minutes, too, so that part of the document would match.

I put a note in when I uploaded the corrected file "I took the edits from the first six minutes that you sent back to me and added them into the full file." Then this morning, they assign me the same file AGAIN (again, with no additional instructions). I am super confused and so I email her again and say, "Why did it get kicked back again? I completed the edits for the entire file as requested and sent it back in last night. Did I need to do something more?" And she replied back, "We need you to complete the entire document, not just three pages."

Huh? Uhh, let's see... I put "full file" in my note when I uploaded the full file with the revision, and then just now asked about the "entire file." I don't know how much clearer I can be with that. I sent her another email but haven't heard back from her yet, so I'm going to try uploading the file AGAIN and attempting to be VERY CLEAR that this is the complete, 46-minutes' worth, however-many-page document. Gah!
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