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Re: For those with kids in dance

Yes is is common now unfortunately.

It really depends on the studio, if you want classical ballet, I would look for a studio that doesn't offer a million different kinds of dance. The less offered, the more the teachers and students specialize in those areas instead of a little of this and a little of that.

The studio I went to growing up was amazing, they had a preprofessional ballet company, modern was also offered, but it was mainly ballet, always a classical ballet recital, very focused and traditional.

I teach ballet now at at studio that offers a lot, in fact students can't even take just ballet until they are 8 or 9, before then they are all combo classes, ballet, tap and jazz. They have a competitive company, so the focus is not ballet at all, the recital pieces use lots of popular music.

I love the owner and the other teachers at the studio, they aren't quite as "showy" as some other studios I see, but I still sort of wish there could be more of a focus on classical ballet than there is. Since I teach ballet, I just do my best to bring that sort of classical discipline to my classes, and usually choose much more traditional music for my pieces.
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