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My girls both went through that. I bathed with them for about a month. We'd get out, dry off, and then I would start draining the tub while I held them. I'd wave and say byebye to the water. Keeping it very cheerful. I'd say 'thank you for getting us clean!' And then we would leave the room. During the 2nd wk or so Id start draining(and talking lol) as we dried off and Id leave the toys in the tub to show them they didnt go down the drain. We'd talk about how the drain didnt want the toys, that the drain was just thristy and water was its favorite drink(like mama!), that the toys were to big to follow the water, that they were evn bigger! then the toys, ect. By the 3rd-4th wk theyd join in with saying bye and thank you and even hit the drain stopper to get it started. For a while after -even though I stopped bathing with them-I still took them out before we started draining the tub. After a couple months Id ask if they wanted to 'push the button' before removing them from the tub and shortly after they would want to stay and play until all the water was gone. Hang in there mama, this too shall pass.
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