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Advice needed - My son is a bully...

It would seem we have some bully issues going on. Sibling stuff but the goombas video taped it so we have hard evidence! I had NO IDEA we had any issues with the kids but then I found the videoand it was rather mean. It was all just verbal but I am NOT happy about what I saw.

My kids are homeschooled. Since I am not only mom but also teacher I want to find some darn good anti-bulling resources. My gut reaction is to ground forever and take away all enjoyment in their lives HOWEVER I realize that, that probably isn't going to teach them anything. I am required to teach health and career anyway, so as with everything in homeschool, I am looking to tie things together into something educational instead of the gut reaction of grounding forever and re-homing the child I am NOT impressed with right now.
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