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Re: Advice needed - My son is a bully...

Originally Posted by escapethevillage View Post
Also, you need to think about how often you unknowingly allow bullying. If you notice that he gets to choose more often than the other kids... like choosing the movie, or what to eat, or where to go out to eat.... You don't notice it at the time. But, he's louder and faster with his requests, and the other kids don't seem to care, so you just do what he picked.

Purposely choose someone else to ask their opinion first. Ask him or her "Pizza, or chinese?" then consider everyone's opinion, but don't let his opinion weigh as heavily as the others. If he wants to pout, or have a fit...fine, but he needs to do it over there, because you guys are busy right now.

It's easier to let the squeaky wheel choose first, because it causes less drama, and the other kids don't really care. But, it sets him up to think his choice is more important, or more "right" than anyone elses.
Very good advice. Not an issue here yet our older kids share well and the youngers are too little but still GREAT advice.
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