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Re: If your child had stitches in their forehead...

I smacked my forehead on the bedside table when I was about your DD's age and had to get stitches. Getting the stitches is actually my first memory

It healed, but did leave a scar. It's never really bothered me though. It was more noticeable when I was young because it looked so much bigger on a child's head, but now it's maybe 1.5 inches long and nobody ever notices unless they're right in my face. My mom just cut bangs (until I was 7-8?) and that helped hide it. After that, I just didn't care.

Here are a few pictures. For some weird reason, it doesn't show up quite as much in pictures as it does in real life, but you can at least see most of it in these.

And to point out just how unnoticeable my scar was/is 20+ years later, I had to go WAY back through my Facebook pictures to find those two.
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