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Re: Aspergers?

What was the assessment at 2.5 by EI for? Autism? what did they say then? Seems they would of picked up on it then, but I'm no expert.

He seems like he surely has his little quirks.. what does he mess with the tags of his clothing for? Do they bother him? does he like to just touch them?

does he have any anxiety issues at all? is he in any kind of school setting? what does the teacher say?? (this was the first time I heard Aspergers, but I knew something was going on with her much earlier)

Miranda has Asperger's, and alot of these things describe her, Very much into routine, things have to follow a certian order or she completely freaks out, like taking a different way to school she would loose her mind, huge tantrum, yes, she's 8, and throws tantrums like a 3 year old, unfortunately.
and she has her obsessions (yoshi/mario mostly) and she dresses in costumes, Almost everyday. 100% of kindergarten was in some kind of costume, and 75% of 1st grade was in costume of some sort, or atleast clothing that looked like costume, like a red shirt and blue jeans everday to resemble mario, she was also a boy, named Zach. it was wrote on everything and her teacher called her Zach. lol

This year, so far, no costumes, no name changes. *fingers crossed* that the costumes are left at home from now on. Miranda is also very bossy, as one would see it. She controls just about any area of play, and if one of her friends decided to play something else, she'd just continue to play what she wanted to play and not "give in" so to speak to thier game/ideas. Also, everyone is her bestfriend. She can't tell the difference between someone she only sees at school, and someone that comes to her birthday parties, over for playdates, that she goes over to thier house to play, etc.. She could know the kid for 10 minutes, and it's her bestfriend. Thankfully, in second grade, it hasn't been a problem yet, but I can see her getting her feelings very hurt in the future.

years ago she had a hard time telling if someone was upset, happy, mad, etc.. She can't figure out sarcasm,(whihc is hard, because I'm very sarcastic sometimes, lol) if they are crying, she won't ask them if they are okay, feel bad for them etc.. she feels no remorse, or didn't. You would tell her to tell someone else sorry for something, but you could tell she wasn't feeling that way.. ever. thankfully, with a couple years of therapy, we've gotten much better. she does feel bad for things she does now. She's actually cried when she's hurt people because she feels so bad. She's asked me if I was okay before when I've cried, Yelling at her still holds no importance to her. She doesn't know you're mad unless you tell her your mad. It's such a interesting disorder, really.

I will save you the long drawn out food, but Miranda does alot of the same things your son does, won't eat certian things because they are shaped different, different colored..different brands are a big one. I buy the generic and put that in the saved brand name she likes after she's sleeping just to save the fight. had to do that with cereal and chocolate milk mix for YEARS.. she's finally accepting the other brands. she wouldn't eat any other kind of pasta but elbow for years, i've got her to branch out after YEARS of working with her to other noodle shapes.

Miranda also has SEVERE anxiety. She's scared of everything. (anxiety is a large part of Aspergers)

I wouldn't be asking the doctor much, but for a referral. I would tell her about different things your son does, and I suggest you write down all the things he does, because if you are anything like me, once put on the spot to remember, your mind draws a blank. lol I just got Miranda on meds, and the doctor was asking about different things she does, and I couldn't think. lol great timing huh? lol We were in there for the anxiety though mostly. Miranda is also a hoarder. For as long as I can remember she would hide food.. now her room looks like the hoarding: buried alive show.. NO JOKE. and if you clean it up/ask her to do so, she acts like you just cut off her leg. It's rough.
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