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Re: If your child had stitches in their forehead...

Originally Posted by mariamommy View Post
Thanks for writing and for the pics, every story is helpful!! This is my first experience seeing a kid get banged up bad enough to need stitches. I just feel bad for her, no girl wants to deal with a forehead scar.
mama. It will all be fine. Fortunately, she probably won't remember the pain. Which I know isn't comforting now, but it will be once some time has passed. How your DD reacts to her scar when she's older will largely depend on how you and your DH handle it. My parents always talked about how cool scars were, how they told a story and made you a bada$$ They showed me some of theirs, from surgeries and accidents and all. Actually, my mole bothers me more than the scar

For the record, I was an incredibly vain teenager. I woke up at the crack of dawn and spent forever getting ready for school so I'd look good. Even then, my scar never bothered me. In fact, I liked it in a made me feel unique. Heck, the actress Julie Gonzalo (who is GORGEOUS) is known by the scar between her eyebrows.

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