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Re: For those with kids in dance

I danced for years growing up and so everyone assumes that I'll also be putting my daughter in dance. I'm undecided right now for the same reasons that you're concerned...and secretly I'm hoping that she chooses on her own to do karate with her brothers so that we can avoid the whole struggle. I agree with suggestions to find a more classical ballet studio. It's an entirely different environment. I took my ballet classes at an outside studio that was very traditional and I'd be much more comfortable taking my daughter there than I would at what I consider my "home" studio. If that's not an option, bring your concerns up to the teacher/studio owner. My tap, jazz, and lyrical teachers were very lax with the songs and costumes that they chose for their classes, but when/if a parent spoke up and voiced concern, they always respected them and made appropriate changes or at least tried to compromise. I also find that sticking with tap is safer when it comes to music and costumes. In this scenario, you'll still have to worry about recital time, though, when she sees all of the "big girls" doing their routines in the sexy costumes and all.

Ballet *can* be boring for littles...but I think that depends more on the teacher than on ballet itself. I personally loved it.
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