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Originally Posted by kushie tushie

have a blast in Italy!!! Cant wait to hear all about your trip

I'm still pretty miserable :/. I'm really upset about my teeth my mouth/teeth hurt so much. The denist said all the vomit probably went crazy on my enamel. Now I have super sensitive fun!

Amanda . Blaming my phone for typos and crap.
Oh, Amanda, that stinks about your teeth. I can only imagine! I would be a wreck, too. I hope that they can do something to help you out, or at least that your teeth calm down in time. My teeth are super sensitive to sweets because I clench them badly when stressed. Sensodyn toothpaste does help a lot.

My cold is on the mend, but I'm suffering from chest congestion. I'm aching from all the coughing! I have been hospitalized 3 times for pneumonia, so I get very nervous about that and take it seriously. DH has been hitting my back to help loosen the nastiness and I'm on tussin and using an albuterol inhaler. I hate taking all the medicine when pregnant, but getting pneumonia would be so much worse! I think I'm going to be okay, though.

Still trying to figure out movement from the baby. I've been questioning movement for weeks but today felt some wiggling that for sure felt like something. Yay!
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