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Re: Aspergers?

My 5 yo and my DH have Asperger's. I agree with the PP that anxiety plays a big role in AS. Also, how is he with eye contact? Does he make eye contact when he speaks to you? Jonah will look every where but AT the person he's speaking to. When I ask him to look at me when he's speaking, he will now, but he starts fidgeting and gets very anxious and can't keep the contact.

The thing with Asperger's is that there are so many different quirks that go with it and no two Aspie's are the same. At our first ped appt where the possibility was brpught up, I didn't do much of the questioning, it was more answering their questions. I agree with the idea to have it all written down because my mind blanked at the million and one questions they were askng me. Good luck!
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